How You and the Community Can Help
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" George Orwell
There are 2 Action Items that need your immediate action:

1. Sign the Petition to the Orange County Jewish Federation demanding no further involvement with the Olive Tree Initiative or any other similar program.

2. Send a Letter to your own local Jewish Federation anywhere in the US, urging the adoption of the “Fogel Pledge”. It is imperative that members of Jewish communities throughout the US urge their own local Federation leaders to ban the support or endorsement of organizations, activities, programs or events that are involved in the boycott, divestment or delegitimaztion (BDS) movement. IT IS UP TO YOU to tell your local Federation what you expect from them.


The Pledge is designed to create a united front against working with any organization that might harm the survival of Israel, It would prohibit the inappropriate activities from ever taking place:

• Showing a film about Rachel Corrie, the "martyr" for the ISM, at the July 2009 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

• Funding programs such as UCI , OTI which brings students to Israel and Palestinian areas where they meet ISM,Hamas and trained propagandists

• Showing the anti-Israel Palestinian film "The Other Israel" and presenting a talk by its director at the Manhattan (NY) West Side JCC.

• Sponsoring an anti- Israel theater production at the Washington DC JCC

We urge Jewish Federations to Stop their Support of Organizations that Deligitimize and are involved in Boycott and Divestment of the State of Israel.