"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act" George Orwell
The Alternative Travel Industry
Wednesday 24th Augiust 2011

Ben White, Israel and "Alternative Tourism"

I am cross-posting an article written by British freelance journalist Ben White, which appears on Electric Intifada blog. This young man is an anti-Israel activist, who has spoken on many US campuses including UC-Irvine several months ago. He is one of an army of Westerners who are working non-stop to destroy Israel through public opinion. Here he writes about "alternative tourism", a growing anti-Israel industry on the West Bank. The article quotes George Rishmawi of the Siraj Center, who is one of those activists.


These alternative travel agencies sound very benign. They are not. They say that they are about seeing Bethlehem, following in the footsteps of Abraham, and buying Palestinian arts and crafts. In reality, they are all designed to bring in mostly young Western travelers and expose them to the anti-Israel Palestinian narrative. Make no mistake; these travel agencies are all inter-connected with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). They all have the same goal, which is to deligitimize Israel in the eyes of the world-all in the guise of non-violent resistance.

In 2003, Mike's Place, a pub in Tel Aviv was bombed by suicide bombers, who had come into Israel from Britain through an alternative travel agency and had stayed at an ISM safe house before crossing into Israel proper to carry out their deed. Three people were killed.

White refers to George Rishmawi of the Siraj Center. There are two George Rishmawis, one with the middle initial N and the other with the middle initial of S. The one mentioned in this article is likely George N. It makes no difference. They are cousins and are both involved with the founding of the International Solidarity Movement. They are both dedicated to the destruction of Israel though world-wide public relations.

Both are also involved in the Olive Tree Initiative, of which I have often written. This is a misguided (to put it politely) venture that began in 2007 at UC-Irvine and has spread to several other UC campuses. It purports to expose students of all religions to both sides of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. In reality, the more one looks at who the tour guides, organizers, and speakers are, the more one notes a notable tilt to the Palestinian side.

What we are dealing with, dear readers, is a world-wide, organized network of organizations and travel agencies working together to destroy Israel's reputation in the eyes of the world and hence, it's right to exist as a sovereign state. Several of these "alternative travel" agencies are involved with the Olive Tree Initiative providing speakers, tour guides and other organizers for the Olive Tree Initiative.

And guess who is a major funder of the Olive Tree Initiative.

None other than the Jewish Federation of Orange County (which is another story in itself).

Investigation continues.